There’s a Facebook group for people who have never seen The Lion King.




And they’re proud.

I know how to deal with them.



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A size too big, a size too small



A small, prudent voice tugged insistently at the back of Rebecca’s mind, and she ignored it entirely. She focused instead on the little things; the groan that escaped her when he pawed at her belt, the warmth of his skin under her fingers, the way they tugged at each other’s hair with just enough need. Everything that made her hands dart down to his belt and undo the clasp while she grinned against his neck.

“But you don’t want to go,” Rebecca pointed out neatly as she wrenched his belt free and dropped it to the floor. “Tell me what you do want.”

His hands reached for hers, stopping their wanton travel for a moment. Soft lips brushed her forehead before he pulled away to look into her eyes.

“I want you,” he answered, voice husky yet still soft. “I want you, and I want you to be happy.” He released her hands, mahogany eyes still soft as he cupped her face and pulled her into a gentle kiss.

Kain was, and would always be, a romantic; he was the kind of man who would give until he had nothing left.

It was only moments before his constant, unavoidable warmth spread through Rebecca’s entire body and caused her control to break. The kiss she responded with was far less gentle as she grinned wickedly against his mouth.

"Good answer," she said quietly as she pawed at his clothes; cumbersome buttons and zippers that separated her from what she wanted right then and there. It wasn’t practical, or smart, and she was going to have to come up with an excuse to feed to the General tomorrow about where she had been all day, but it didn’t matter. What mattered was the violent purr that curled in her throat; the heat pooling below her stomach, the small hands cradling her gently as if she were the most fragile thing in the world. One palm came up to trail down his spine, fingers warm and heavy. 

Rebecca wanted to say something more to him then; find some simple, pretty words that would suddenly put everything in perspective and have everything make sense; but even if they existed she couldn’t find them now. All she could find was the zip of his pants, and remove the hindrance.

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"You're beautiful. The most gorgeous human being. Really- I j-just c-c-can't believe y-you exist-" The pay phone's static interrupted him, and then the line went dead.

The familiar stammer on the other end of the line made something warm surface in Rebecca’s heart— only to be replaced with something icy and hard when the unnatural silence replaced his voice. “Fuery?” she asked quietly, her heart beating unusually slowly. “A-Are you there?”


“I hate that after all the waiting we did, the only paring to get established was EdWin. Not that I don’t love the couple, it just bothers me, is all.”

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You had something real with someone and now you're staking everything on something that can't last. You're only kidding yourself and now everyone is getting hurt. And it's all your fault.

The truth of the anon’s words stuck Rebecca like a knife in the stomach. She clutched the invisible wound, biting red marks into her lip and glaring at the ground. She could conjure no defense, even if she had one. All the words were lost in her throat.

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